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With an industry-leading syllabus Apex offers the most comprehensive GMAT Preparation on the market today. We exclusively offer 1-on-1 private GMAT tutoring, both in person and online, in order to deliver the strongest results for clients who simply want the best, most efficient preparation available.

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Apex offers a full range of private, 1-on-1 GMAT tutoring. All the value of our curriculum is delivered to you by one of our 770+ scoring instructors to suit your personal cognitive style.

Our packages are flexible, and you can choose what level of tutoring you require. Use tutoring to get an edge with higher order strategies to maximize your score, to augment your self-prep program, to combat test anxiety with our proven methods, or to have the luxury experience of preparing the full scope of the course with your own personalized study schedule and  mentor.

An Unmatched GMAT Curriculum

Apex has the most comprehensive syllabus on the market today. In addition to the fundamentals, Apex takes care to address test anxiety, time management, alternative solution paths, and test reading to use the underlying test structure to your advantage.

Our core philosophy is that, as teachers, we’re directly responsible for your learning. Our personal involvement throughout your prep is the manifestation of that belief.

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Pathways and Prompting

How you approach problems has a lot to do with how you’re “wired”. Some people draw pictures, some think in equations, while others just come up with the right answer.This lesson is all about recognizing what type of thinker you are, and building a customized approach to your GMAT preparation. We examine multiple pathways to solve problems, and teach you how to remain focused and alert while solving problems at a blinding speed by leveraging your innate brainpower.


Time Management

More than anything, the GMAT is about time. Time management is one of the most crucial skills for obtaining the best GMAT score, yet most programs give it nothing more than a cursory glance. Apex’s program utilizes a proprietary methodology that manages time for you. Following the process takes the pressure off, alleviates anxiety, and allows you to focus on the problems at hand.


Self Preparation

For every hour you spend in class or with a tutor, you spend three or more studying on your own. Your time is valuable, and getting the most out of your study time is a critical component of your prep. Unfortunately, traditional study skills won’t get you very far with the GMAT. Our curriculum emphasizes your development as a student and a professional by nurturing self-teaching skills that you won’t learn anywhere else.

Quant Fundamentals

The start of a strong quantitative score comes with the mastery and appropriate application of the fundamentals. You can’t build a house without lumber and tools; these are the fundamentals. But, you also need a carpenter – this is the application. This lesson covers topics in arithmetic and mental math, as well as the fundamental approaches to different types of quantitative problems.


As a mathematical discipline, Geometry often ranks second-fiddle in most people’s schooling. As an often forgotten or unfamiliar discipline, Geometry problems are of primary importance in developing a strong Quantitative score. Apex teaches not only the nuts and bolts of tackling geometry problems, but uses this lesson to illustrate the graphical representation of a diverse set of GMAT problems that can be solved using creative methods.


The core competency for the quantitative section of the GMAT, Algebra is involved in well over 50% of all problems. Unfortunately, most quantitatively strong individuals have bad habits when it comes to application, often setting up problems the same way they were taught in primary school. Apex’s Algebra lesson lifts the veil and will change the way you see Algebra. This lesson shows you how to approach problems proactively, and avoid common missteps that the GMAT intentionally exploits.

The Apex Difference

From our free consult and pre-program assessment to off-hours access to your tutor, you’ll feel a profound difference because Apex’s program is adaptable specifically to your strengths and learning style. You’ll be comfortable and relaxed as you learn the ins and outs of the GMAT.

Test Signals

The core of Apex’s philosophy is expounded in this lesson. Here we examine why so many successful people struggle with the GMAT. Learn how to use the test’s structure to your advantage, and even answer many problems using logic rather than examining the problem presented. This core skill will change the way you view the GMAT, and possibly your entire outlook on professional problem solving.

Advanced Math

What separates the good from the truly great Quantitative scores is mastery of esoteric mathematical concepts, from probability to number theory, combinatorics to abstract algebra.

This lesson emphasizes those topics most often seen by GMAT students who aim to excel past the ordinary.

Advanced Quant

The GMAT is about being creative, and there are often multiple ways to solve a seemingly simple problem. In this lesson, we teach a variety of alternative problem solving methods: running scenarios, logical deduction, and mental modeling to name a few. We then help you figure out which works best with your cognitive style, and give you both the tools and structure to succeed on the GMAT.


Integrated Reasoning

The newest section of the GMAT has a lot of people on edge – with good reason. Complex, demanding, and multi-dimensional – it is designed to be un-prepable. Fortunately, we know better; the IR is simply a synthesis of more basic problems, not a truly “new” section. In this lesson, learn how to turn the Integrated Reasoning section to your advantage by recognizing key homomorphisms (structural similarities) between this and the traditional sections while enhancing your overall GMAT performance.


AWA Writing

A source of anxiety for many, this section not only is the least structured on the GMAT, but as the first section it sets the tone for the entire exam. Learn what the exam rewards, and how to express yourself clearly, whether or not you are a native English speaker.

Reading Comp

Do you really know how to read? “Of course” you say, until reading comprehension comes along and calls all that into question. The truth is, we read the same way we listen – passively, picking up relevant details but rarely engaging the material. It’s this natural (and often productive) tendency which the GMAT exploits. Apex’s Reading Comprehension will train you to engage the material and read pro-actively. Instead of scanning the passage and spending time on the questions, we’ll train you how to fully absorb the passage and breeze through the questions.

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1-on-1 GMAT Tutoring

Apex offers a full range of private, 1-on-1 GMAT tutoring. All the value that’s in our curriculum is delivered to you by one of our 770+ scoring instructors to suit your personal cognitive style. Our packages are flexible, and you can choose what level of tutoring you require. Use tutoring to get an edge with higher order strategies to maximize your score, to augment your self-prep program, combat test anxiety with our proven methods, or have the luxury experience of preparing the full scope of the course with your own personalized study schedule and mentor.


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What is the GMAT and why is it important for MBA admissions?

The General Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is considered to be the most trusted, proven, and well-designed predictor of a student’s academic success for MBA programs, measuring their verbal, mathematical, integrated reasoning, and analytical writing skills. 

Admissions committees use GMAT scores as a standardized measure to compare applicants’ academic abilities across different educational backgrounds and get a better understanding of their skills from different areas. 

For students preparing for the GMAT, it can be helpful to work with an online GMAT tutor who has expertise in the exam and can provide personalized instruction and feedback. Expert tutors GMAT can help students develop a study plan, identify areas for improvement, and build confidence in their test-taking abilities. Additionally, working with a tutor can help students stay accountable and motivated throughout the preparation process.

What is the best way to approach studying for the GMAT?

For effective GMAT preparation, a structured approach is key. Begin by understanding the test format, assessing your strengths and weaknesses, and developing a personalized study plan.

For personalized guidance, consider working with online GMAT tutors such as our expert GMAT tutors. Our tutors provide one-on-one tutoring tailored to your learning style and preparation level. With their expertise, you can receive targeted support and valuable insights to optimize your preparation.

Book a consultation with our team to receive the personalized guidance you need to achieve your GMAT goals!

How long does it take to prepare for the GMAT?

The amount of time it takes to prepare for the GMAT varies depending on the candidate’s skills and understanding of the exam’s content. In general, most students spend at least two to three months preparing for the exam.

However, some may take longer if they need a more extensive review or have a busy schedule. It’s essential to create a personalized study plan that includes dedicated time for practice tests, review of weak areas, and learning test-taking strategies to achieve the desired score. 

Do you provide study materials and additional practice tests which will help me prepare for the GMAT?

In addition to access to our expert GMAT tutors, here at Apex, we prepare all our study materials in house, and any enrollment with us includes access to our GMAT platform which includes 4 GMAT practice tests as well as 3000+ GMAT questions, to be used for practice throughout the course of the engagement.

Are there any prerequisites or recommended academic background for taking the GMAT exam?

There are no official prerequisites for taking the GMAT exam. However, the exam is designed to assess skills and knowledge that are typically acquired through undergraduate studies, and therefore, it’s recommended to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

Since the test is provided in English, test-takers should have a strong command of the English language. It’s also worth considering that while the GMAT does not require specific academic background or subject specific expertise, the exam does test quantitative and verbal reasoning skills, therefore good understanding of mathematics, English language and reading comprehension would be beneficial. 

Is your teaching approach adapted to the GMAT Focus Edition?

Yes, our teaching approach is adapted to GMAT Focus Edition as well. If you have any questions about the GMAT Focus Edition or want to inquire about Apex’s test preparation services, please don’t hesitate to book a 30-minute complimentary call. We are here to help you achieve your business school goals. Additionally, we will continue to provide updates on the GMAT Focus Edition as more information becomes available.

Will the candidates who have taken the GMAT be prioritized when applying for MBA programs?

The GMAT exam has been used by MBA programs for over 70 years to identify the strongest candidates and offer scholarships. A competitive GMAT score can prove one’s ability and commitment to succeed in business school. The new GMAT Focus Edition has been redesigned with input from leading business schools to better align with candidates’ priorities and the changing work landscape.

Should I stop preparing for the GMAT and wait for the GMAT Focus Edition to launch?

No. The two versions of the exam are sufficiently similar for your work on the current version to transfer readily to the GMAT Focus Edition.

Will my “old” GMAT score still be accepted by business schools in 2024 and later?

Yes! Every “old” GMAT score will still be valid and accepted by business schools up to five years from the date it was earned.

What are the changes introduced in GMAT Focus Edition?

Format Changes:

  • Three 45-minute sections
  • Section order selection feature allows test-takers to choose the order in which they complete each of the three sections.
  • Question review & edit feature allows test-takers to review questions freely and change up to three answers per section.

Content Changes:

  • Addition of a new section called Data Insights, which replaces the Integrated Reasoning section of the current GMAT.
  • The Quantitative section has been redesigned to emphasize data literacy skills, with fewer questions and a focus on data interpretation and critical reasoning skills.
  • Verbal section features fewer, but longer, reading passages that are more complex and require higher-order thinking.
  • Removal of the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section

Scoring Changes:

  • Each Official Score report for the GMAT Focus Edition will only contain one exam score.
  • Test-takers can see their scores before sending them
  • Enhanced score report feature provides detailed feedback on individual performance

To learn more about the changes introduced in the GMAT Focus Edition, you can check out our article. Stay tuned for our upcoming updates.

Is the GMAT Focus Edition easier than the current GMAT, and how can Apex help me prepare for it?

The GMAT Focus Edition is not necessarily easier than the current GMAT, but it can help students identify their strengths and weaknesses in a more targeted way.

Our tailored tutoring services for the new GMAT are designed to meet each student’s unique needs and goals. Our experienced instructors assess areas for improvement and develop comprehensive study plans, guiding students towards their target scores and dream school admissions.

Using a data-driven approach, we emphasize critical thinking, problem-solving, and time management skills, enabling students to unleash their full potential on the GMAT exam. We provide personalized coaching, practice tests, and study materials, ensuring students feel confident and well-prepared for success.

Should I prepare for the GMAT Focus Edition or the current GMAT, and how can Apex help me make that decision?

The decision to prepare for the GMAT Focus Edition or the current GMAT ultimately depends on your individual circumstances and timeline. If you plan to take the GMAT in the near future, it may be best to focus on preparing for the current exam, as the GMAT Focus Edition is not available yet. However, if you have a bit more time to prepare, it may be worth considering the GMAT Focus Edition, as it may better align with your strengths and test-taking preferences.

At Apex, we can help you make an informed decision about which exam to prepare for based on your individual needs and goals. Our team of experienced tutors can assess your skills and preferences, and provide guidance on the best approach to help you achieve your target score. Additionally, we stay up-to-date on any changes to the GMAT, including the upcoming GMAT Focus Edition, and can provide comprehensive preparation for both versions of the exam.


Why did GMAC remove Sentence Correction from the GMAT™ Focus Edition, and how can APEX help me prepare for this change?

GMAC removed the Sentence Correction section from the Verbal Reasoning section of the GMAT Focus Edition in order to focus more on higher-order critical reasoning skills and data literacy, which are more relevant and applicable in the business environment.

At Apex, we stay up-to-date with the latest changes to the GMAT and can help you prepare for this change by focusing on the skills that are still being tested in the Verbal Reasoning section, including Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension. Our expert tutors can also provide you with personalized guidance and practice to help you improve your overall verbal skills and achieve success on the GMAT Focus Edition or the current GMAT.

Why was the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) removed from the GMAT™ Focus Edition, and how can Apex help me adapt to this change?

The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) was removed from the GMAT Focus Edition as part of the redesign aimed at focusing on higher-order critical reasoning skills and data literacy. Furthermore, many business schools now require essays as part of their application processes, making the AWA less necessary on the GMAT exam. 

At Apex GMAT, we stay up-to-date on any changes in the GMAT exam format and have developed new strategies to help our students adapt to these changes. Our tutors can provide you with the latest information on the GMAT Focus Edition and help you adjust your test-taking approach accordingly. 


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