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From clarifying your narrative to planning your personal roadmap, Apex is here to help you at every step in this transformative journey.

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School Selection & Professional Audit

First, we will discuss your career and long term aspirations in the context of obtaining an advanced degree. This includes your specific goals, resume strengths and weaknesses, and personal and professional ambitions. Then, we’ll develop an idea of the type of programs that will suit you best, while also recommending those that actively seek candidates like you. Finally, we will direct your search and school selection through our extensive knowledge of top programs in the US and globally, while advising on the best presentation of your candidacy.

Narrative Development

Stemming from our initial discussions, we will work collaboratively to bring your personal and professional profile to the fore in a compelling narrative that will provide the framework for each application. While the narrative may be modified depending upon the individual program, the goal is to create a sincere representation of who you are and articulate your unique personality and value to prospective programs. We expect you to actively engage in discussions about where you see yourself headed and craft a coherent personal statement with our support.

Recommender Game-plan

Approaching accomplished professionals for recommendations can be tricky. Narrative in place, we will help you to identify your strongest champions, and develop a strategy to approach them, secure their help, and provide them the tools they need to make your application shine. We’ll find those anecdotes that best dovetail with your narrative so that you can get the most out of each recommendation opportunity.


Essays form the core of your application, and each program has its own unique questions and requirements. Using your narrative as a starting point, we will discuss the theme of each essay, and work with you to provide strategic guidance to hone it through a number of drafts until it is powerful, focused, and articulates a clear representation of you and your candidacy.

Interview Preparation

Once invitations are secured, we will work with you in mock interviews to prepare you for any eventuality. Stemming from these preparatory sessions, we will suggest talking points and pivots that sustain the focus on your narrative and an articulation of value to admissions committees. We’ll encourage your active and lively participation in the faux interviews, as well as ideation in developing responses that represent your voice.

Resume & Online Audit

A resume, LinkedIn profile, and social media presence consistent with your narrative will round out both your application and public presence for admissions committees. We will advise changes to your resume, both in structure and language, and speak to framing that will lead to a consistent public image for online profiles. You will be expected to draft the initial resume content, revise actively based on feedback and discussion, and implement any changes to social media accounts as necessary.

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How can Apex help with the admissions process?

The admissions process for graduate programs can be overwhelming and highly competitive, making it challenging for students to stand out from other applicants. This is where Apex’s admissions consulting services come in to help. Apex can assist with the admissions process by offering the following services: school selection, application strategy, essay review and interview coaching.

How can I learn more about specific graduate programs and their admissions requirements?

To learn about specific graduate programs and their admission requirements, you can visit the program’s website, attend information sessions, contact the admissions office, and network with current students or alumni. In addition to these steps, you can also utilize the resources provided by Apex, such as our admissions consulting services, admissions resources, school selection guidance, resume review service, and interview preparation services. By utilizing these resources and steps, you can gather a comprehensive understanding of graduate programs and their admissions requirements, ultimately increasing their chances of being accepted to their desired program.

What is the best timeline for applying to universities? When should I start filing the application form, writing essays, etc.?

The timeline for applying to universities can vary depending on the specific program and its application deadline. However, in general, it’s recommended that students begin the application process at least 6-12 months in advance of the desired start date. To get started, you can take advantage of the resources provided by Apex. Our admissions consulting services can help you develop a personalized timeline for the application process, taking into account the specific deadlines of the programs you are interested in.

Are your admissions consulting services available for all universities and programs worldwide, or are there specific universities and programs that your services cover?

Apex’s admissions consulting services are available to students applying to business schools worldwide. This includes MBA, Executive MBA, and other graduate business programs at top universities around the world. Our experienced admissions consultants have helped students gain admission to a range of programs, including Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, INSEAD, London Business School, and many others.

Apart from our college admissions consulting services, we also offer a range of resources that can aid students applying to a broad spectrum of programs. 

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