The Executive Assessment exam has become more and more popular among the MBA applicants lately. Many business schools require the exam, and for some of them it is optional. However, in both cases, a good score will make you more competitive and increase your chances to be accepted to your dream school. In this article, we have prepared a few EA prep tips for you that will help you prepare for the exam more effectively. 

Learn Time Management

Time is very valuable especially when it comes to preparing for an exam or any other important day. Hence, it is very important that you use it wisely and effectively. When you start preparing for your exam, make sure you are aware of your weaknesses so that you spend relatively more time on those and improve your skills. Another tip is to always keep track of your time as you practice to understand the time it takes to complete a specific question or a practice test. It is very crucial to manage your time to achieve the best results in the most optimal way. Obviously, not only is time management an important factor for your EA prep, but it is also important on exam day. Make sure you don’t let your stress affect your overall time management and you allocate appropriate time to each question.

Defeat Your Procrastination

If you find yourself procrastinating all the time, you’re not alone! This is very common among students and not only. However, you should be able to control and not let it prevent you from preparing for your exam and getting the results that you want. Set deadlines and milestones for yourself and make sure to follow them! Whenever you are about to postpone taking a practice test or reviewing a topic, ask yourself why you’re doing that. Is it something more important than your goal of being accepted to your dream school you always wanted? Most often, the answer will be no, and there is nothing else you need to push yourself and keep working hard and improving your overall performance. 

Take Practice Tests

You will never know if you’re making any progress if you don’t take practice tests! After you’ve spent enough time reviewing and studying the EA topics, take practice tests to assess your current skills and weaknesses. However, it is equally important not to overdo this. There is no need to take too many practice tests, as they won’t show any progress. Take them after you have completed a specific group of topics. Another thing to always keep in mind is that you should not expect any question you see in those practice exams on the real one. Although the questions will be similar, they will not be the same, so there is no need for you to try to memorize anything, but rather you need to master the skills necessary to solve the problems.

Take Breaks!

The last thing on our EA prep tips list we want you to consider is breaks! So far, we have only discussed what you need to do when preparing for your EA test. However, you need to know that it is equally important to take breaks. If you keep studying all day and night, it will later on affect your overall performance and will lead to lack of energy. Hence, make sure you take breaks often and do things that make you feel relaxed/happy. Listen to your favorite songs or watch the latest movie you’ve heard about to refresh your mind!


To conclude, we presented a few EA prep tips to you with the hope to help you make your preparation process better and more efficient. First, you need to learn how to manage your time wisely and get the most out of it. Secondly, you should not let your procrastination affect your overall performance and EA schedule and make sure you are consistent in your EA prep. Third, you need to take practice tests at the right time to assess your skills and readiness for the exam. Finally, you need to rest appropriately and refresh your mind by doing things you like. We hope your tips will help you to prepare for the EA in the most effective way!

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