Here are some of the most frequently asked EA exam day questions we get from our clients. Our EA FAQs are here to help you prepare for your EA exam day. 

1. When should I arrive at the test center on the test day? 

Short answer: about 30 minutes prior to the exam. This gives you plenty of time to get lost (however we recommend practice getting to the exam center before test day). Please note that if you’re 15 minutes late from the start of the exam, the administrators might not let you in. Be on time!

2. What documents should I bring to the test center?

You should bring your original valid ID which contains your name, your date of birth, a recent photograph, and your signature (a passport, a national ID card, Military ID card, Registration card, or a driving license). You will not be allowed to take the EA if you don’t present that document. Note that these documents are subject to change depending on the country in which you reside. You can take a look here to get more info on country-specific requirements. 

3. What am I allowed to bring into the exam room?

You are not allowed to bring personal items such as phones, tablets, smartwatches, etc. A locker will be provided to you where you can store your belongings. The same rules apply during the online EA, the belongings should not be in your reach, or else your exam will be canceled.  

4. Am I allowed to bring a calculator to the EA?

Yes and No. A calculator is allowed during the Integrated Reasoning Section, but you cannot use it during the Quantitative section.

5. Is there a dress code that I should follow for the EA?

There is no official dress code on the EA test day. However, we recommend wearing comfortable clothes and bringing an extra layer in case the test room is cold.

6. What do I do if my computer stops working while taking the EA?

If you are taking the EA on-ground, don’t try to fix the problem by yourself. The best thing to do in this case is to raise your hand and ask the proctor for help

In case you are sitting for the exam online, inform the proctor about the problem and they will attempt to help you. If the issue can’t be solved, your exam will end. You will be able to register for the exam again at no additional cost. 

7. What is the best way to handle disruptions while taking the EA?

Any disruptive situations during on-ground or online EA exams will be examined on a case-to-case basis. After the decision is made, you might be allowed to resit for the exam at another time without additional charge.

However, be ready for minor disruptions during the exam, such as coughing, fidgeting noises, sneezing, etc. To make sure these noises don’t distract you during the exam, we recommend you spend time doing practice exams in an uncontrolled environment, such as a coffee shop. Studying or practicing in public can help you get used to disruptions that you might face during the exam.

8. Will I be given something to write on during the EA exam?

You will be provided with pens and scratch paper by the test administrators once you are seated. If you are taking the online EA there is an on-screen scratchpad and recently introduced a pre-approved scratch paper option.

9. Do we get breaks during the EA exam?

The EA does NOT have any breaks. In case of an emergency, you can raise your hand and the administrator will help you. Note that the timer does not stop during your emergency. 

10. How many times can I take the EA exam?

You can take the EA exam up to 2 times.

11. How do I send my EA scores to the schools I am applying to?

If you need to send your EA score to a school, you can do so by requesting a score report through the online application system. You will need to provide the name and contact information of the school you are sending your scores to, and the chosen schools will have access to your results. 

In case you want to send the scores to additional programs, you can do so through your account online without any additional cost. 

Final Thoughts

This brief EA FAQ sheet should have answered some of your more pressing questions. Do you still have questions about the EA? We offer extensive EA prep to help with all levels of test-takers. Have a complimentary consultation call with one of our top instructors. You can check out more on our website.


Contributor: Sarin Sulahian & Cynthia Addoumieh

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